Tumeke Cycle Space is a non-profit, community-run, DIWO (do it with others) bicycle workshop in Auckland.  It’s a place where people can fix, build, and learn about bikes in a safe and inclusive environment. We provide tools, knowledge, and training, with a focus on teaching people how to fix their own bikes. In this way we aim to empower people, encourage skill sharing, and promote cycling, an affordable, social form of transport that encourages a healthy lifestyle and environment.


We are located inside Tangleball (A collaborative creative space) at 27 Edinburgh Street, Newton, Auckland.
You can find out more about Tangleball at www.tangleball.org.nz

If you’d like to get in touch with us, you can email us at tumekecyclespace@riseup.net , and
like us on Facebook.

We acknowledge Auckland Council and Waitemata Local Board for their generous support.